I excel at procrastination. Too many things pile up on my To Do List. I try to prioritize, but I tend to take on the little easy tasks instead. I particularly don’t like making phone calls, so appointments Ito make really build up. Then I get into the positive feedback loop of feeling negative about myself and consequently I avoid the list entirely.

Contemplating my Navel. Certainly not taking on my

So, I am super pleased with self for completing one of the big tasks yesterday. My first colonoscopy :(. The dreading started when I turned 40. I was grateful that I had 10 years. Then suddenly, I was 50 and I knew I needed to deal. It took me over a year to bite the bullet.

I accomplished this task yesterday. I suppose the dreaded procedure itself was not a that big of a deal. All looks good so I am reassured. But MAN the solution you have to drink is NASTY. You have to drink a ton of it and plan to live in the bathroom for a day (and night). I also got pretty nauseated. and stressed.

So this biggie is done and am good for 5 years. A true sense of accomplishment to have finally dealt with it. Perhaps this will encourage me to make 3 other medical appointments. Perhaps….

I think of someone that I pestered about the procedure for quite some time. I assume he would have done the same for me.

Snow = Hell IMHO

I grew up dealing with a lot of cold and snow. I didn’t like it then, and I certainly do not like it now. Snow is meant for the mountains, where you can visit. Otherwise, snow is just a pain in the butt, IMHO. Especially now that I recognize that I am not invincible (which as a youngster I did not yet realize)

We’ve had a bit of a snowstorm hit ABQ in the past few days. Pretty when you don’t have to be anywhere I suppose. (I still hate to be sidelined unless I wish to stay home). Today, I needed to be at work. I watched the traffic reports and got super stressed about having to venture out. I love my job, but I had serious misgivings about whether it would be wise to attempt it. My dear husband and myself walked down our rural road, and I ultimately determined that I could do it, even though it was going to be scary. In the end, I made it to work, on time, and only slightly white-knuckled. Once there ’twas a lovely day.

I haven’t taken much time for practicing inversions of late. So I had a bit of fun over my lunch hour doing just that. I have to say, I had a bit of a headache when I was done, and I take that as a big sign to get back to it.

Heading home, the roads were a lot nicer, but I am glad I am snug at home now, as the temps dip down again. I am glad I didn’t punk out. And I will be pleased with myself when I get back to my inversion practice. I am way too young to give up on it. 🙂

Happy Holidays!

One goal for my time off is to make my blog so much better. I avoid posting because every time I do, I remember how much I dislike my blog’s format. But in interim, I am driven to post, to send blessings and wishes for peace and joy out to the universe. Love to ALL!


A fellow Yogi Nerd sent me a pretty awesome picture – a variation of Hanumanasana that I have never tried before.  

Hanuman Happens to be one of my favorite Hindu Gods.  Hanuman and Ganesha.  The power of their mythology.

The asana dedicated to Hanuman has always been one of my favorites.  So always fun to try a new one.  

Have a Blessed Day All!