Spring on the Way!

Yesterday I took my first photos with the Sandia range backdrop in forever.  The Range is incredibly beautiful and inspiring.  It has been so f-ing cold I haven’t wanted to practice  asana out there!

“Heading to work.”

I guess it is not just being cold outside.  My practice is rather rusty. I love my job but at the end of the day I’m pooped!

I need to get on my mat far more than the time I’m currently devoting to it .  My asana is energizing.  I *know* I pep up and have increased clarity when I commit to it.  I hope with the return of spring that I will feel compelled to routinely practice.



Continuing Education

I just signed up for a seminar on “Yoga for Therapeutic Rehabilitation”.  May 8th in ABQ.  Super convenient, the other location is in Phoenix.  Super right up my alley.

I love my job as a Physical Therapist Assistant at ATI Physical Therapy. I also love instructing yoga at Vivify Hot Yoga New Mexico.  There is much potential for blending these aspects of my life.  I truly believe that is my Dharma.  I have much to learn to be the best Mindbody Fitness Professional that I can be.  This event will be enlightening!

May 8th is incidentally the anniversary of my Father’s death. It is a day that I usually dread, usually filled with a lot of tears.  I think for once I won’t dread that date.



I excel at procrastination. Too many things pile up on my To Do List. I try to prioritize, but I tend to take on the little easy tasks instead. I particularly don’t like making phone calls, so appointments Ito make really build up. Then I get into the positive feedback loop of feeling negative about myself and consequently I avoid the list entirely.

Contemplating my Navel. Certainly not taking on my

So, I am super pleased with self for completing one of the big tasks yesterday. My first colonoscopy :(. The dreading started when I turned 40. I was grateful that I had 10 years. Then suddenly, I was 50 and I knew I needed to deal. It took me over a year to bite the bullet.

I accomplished this task yesterday. I suppose the dreaded procedure itself was not a that big of a deal. All looks good so I am reassured. But MAN the solution you have to drink is NASTY. You have to drink a ton of it and plan to live in the bathroom for a day (and night). I also got pretty nauseated. and stressed.

So this biggie is done and am good for 5 years. A true sense of accomplishment to have finally dealt with it. Perhaps this will encourage me to make 3 other medical appointments. Perhaps….

I think of someone that I pestered about the procedure for quite some time. I assume he would have done the same for me.

Snow = Hell IMHO

I grew up dealing with a lot of cold and snow. I didn’t like it then, and I certainly do not like it now. Snow is meant for the mountains, where you can visit. Otherwise, snow is just a pain in the butt, IMHO. Especially now that I recognize that I am not invincible (which as a youngster I did not yet realize)

We’ve had a bit of a snowstorm hit ABQ in the past few days. Pretty when you don’t have to be anywhere I suppose. (I still hate to be sidelined unless I wish to stay home). Today, I needed to be at work. I watched the traffic reports and got super stressed about having to venture out. I love my job, but I had serious misgivings about whether it would be wise to attempt it. My dear husband and myself walked down our rural road, and I ultimately determined that I could do it, even though it was going to be scary. In the end, I made it to work, on time, and only slightly white-knuckled. Once there ’twas a lovely day.

I haven’t taken much time for practicing inversions of late. So I had a bit of fun over my lunch hour doing just that. I have to say, I had a bit of a headache when I was done, and I take that as a big sign to get back to it.

Heading home, the roads were a lot nicer, but I am glad I am snug at home now, as the temps dip down again. I am glad I didn’t punk out. And I will be pleased with myself when I get back to my inversion practice. I am way too young to give up on it. 🙂