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Beautiful Day on Lake Union

This morning I gave my first yoga class at IDRI.  I really want give IDRI the yoga love bug. For some it was their first yoga class – I am elated to guide them down the yoga path 🙂

I started taking yoga in 2000.  I didn’t like yoga at first, not even a little bit.  I got restless leg syndrome the first time I tried savasana (dead pose).


I think I should have known that very second that I was a stress ball.  It was also Iyengar style which is very slow moving and alignment oriented.  It was frustrating for a hyper-mobile body type to align as instructed and super hard to relax in general.  I continued to go only because I had bought an 8-class pack.  By the end I sort of liked Yoga….Luckily I stumbled into Power style yoga, when I officially got hooked.

5th floor “yoga studio”

I forgot to tell them to give Yoga a fair chance.  There is so much I wanted to say but it can’t all be said in a single class.  Still, quite happy with how it went.

Have a great day and pass along a smile 🙂

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