Day 7 of Ashram 30 Day Challenge

Just got home from taking Power at 3, teaching Yin at 4:30.  What a lovely afternoon.  I was feeling my age during Gary’s class, after the double yesterday but it was a powerful class and fueled me for a lovely Yin at 4:30.  I was excited so many yogis joined me on such a lovely day.  I am so blessed to teach that class, it is one of the high points of my week.

Today’s picture:



messing with Waterlogue again. Love this app


floor bow – full expression post rockin’ Power Class

woke up with sore throat, quads, and hamstrings.  have combatted with tea, gentle stretches progressing into some Yang asana.  Taking a break from asana to enjoy a vegan quesadilla.

Poses I worked on this morning:





also malasana, standing forward/seated forward, lotus both directions, handstand and a nice 5 min headstand.  Maybe later I’ll add some pictures.

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