Day 21 of the The Ashram 30 day Yoga Challenge

My first thought this morning was gratitude to be breathing.  Second thought – damn my right shoulder is killing me.  But now that I’m up and moving it seems to be okay.

Just got back from walking the monsters.  A very agreeable walk; the peonies and roses were exceptionally gorgeous.  Makes me want to take some of the lavender out of my front yard and replace with some roses…




My Queen Elizabeth Rose I just planted in my backyard

I hope that I can take at least one Power Class today.  The plan is Gary’s at 3 p.m. It would be pretty intense to take Elfie’s straight after I teach Yin.  So if I’m to double I have a 10 a.m. or noon Power choice to make….

Until then, I’m hanging with the Basenjis. Chores.  So sexy… ha ha

Can’t wait to get on my mat, so I’m going to do a Yin practice now.


My beloved tiara from Naomi and one of her bracelets. I really like sparkles. The bigger, the better imho

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