Day 23 of the Ashram 30 day Yoga Challenge

hanumanasana courtesy of Susantha (thank you!)

I can’t take class today – I am on dog duty after a full day at IDRI.  Can’t bear to leave them again.  So I’m going to take a full Yin class at home.  Call it a class.  I teach tomorrow and head to MN for the weekend, so I’m going to have to do personal classes and explore the Rochester MN Yoga scene.  I hope I’m most pleasantly surprised at the classes I find on my journey. I really really really want to complete the challenge.

Here is a shot taken before class yesterday.  Rayne led an incredibly FUN and challenging class . I was well hydrated and had a lot of energy. I felt fantastic afterwards.  I’m so impressed with her practice, she is a great inspiration to me.

forearm balance prep. walking my feet in, hips over shoulders. Next lift one leg as high as you can..

Ok, I’m starting to work on my presentation skills.  Here is my YouTube contribution to crow pose demonstration for your enjoyment.  Try doing it, tell me if I was helpful. I’ll get better, this was take 3 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Day 23 of the Ashram 30 day Yoga Challenge

  1. That was so wonderful. Great to see you in “teacher” mode. I also like how you do it in stages, so even the beginner (or completely inept person, like me) could try the pose as well.

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