Weekend begins! Have a great one!

What a great class Claudia led this morning.  It was a great group of practitioners.  I felt so energetic, I think it was because she warmed us up slowly – and I was hydrated.  She was *super picky* with form today and I LOVED it.  I went to IDRI ready to finish up the manuscript I’ve been revising.  I turned it in !!!  Life is Good.

So many thanks to Claudia for giving me the wherewithal to get that manuscript off my desk – and for reminding me of little nuances I might have been forgetting!  She was also kind enough to take this little video clip for me.  I hope you enjoy it – I am eager to play around with video a lot more in the future.

Claudia also turned me onto an app that allows me to take photos from a video clip.  “Snap Still”.  I played with it for just a couple of minutes and was able to figure it out (I’m decidedly low-tech, so this is impressive).  Here is my choice:

ImageBlessings for a beautiful weekend.  🙂


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