Ode to IDRI

I’ve never noticed that our reception desk has a backlight.

It’s always been lit I guess, but this early morning, David  H. flipped the switch on it while I was saying hello and Wow!  I knew I needed to use the effect.   He was kindly willing to capture the moment, he is such a sweet man.  Highlight of my day.

I  couldn’t resist testing the effect I might be able to get…. and I’m always looking for a reason to do a little asana, so important straightaway in the morning!  A little core work (which I desperately need!) and my second favorite asana, wheel (Major heart opener).

I am just starting a new manuscript on my research and I’m fairly overwhelmed by the task.  I do offer my best intentions to be efficient and productive toward the task at hand, I really do.  I have a lot of experiments that I want to set up ASAP so I really have to knock this paper off.  Wish me luck!

I will try and not be a moth to flame.  🙂  But I’m fairly certain I’ll have to play with this lighting effect again.

Namaste from this microbiologist.

Timestamp of snap: 0:11.2Slide1



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