The Dude Abides

I’m reading The Dude and the Zen Master by Jeff Bridges and Bernie Glassman. It’s a funny dialog that parallels Zen with The Dude from the Big Lebowski. It is really making me need to see the movie. Trailer below

From page 61
The Dude abides. According to Merriam Webster’s official definition, to abide means to wait patiently for something, or to endure without yielding, accepts without objection. That is no easy feat, especially in a culture that is success-driven, instant-gratification oriented, and impatient, like ours. True abiding is a spiritual gift that requires great mastery. The moral of the story, for me, is:be kind. Treat others as you want to be treated. You never know when the stranger you meet on the road may be an angel – or the Dude – in disguise….. We should all treat everyone we encounter as a righteous soul on account of whom the world abides. That’s very Dude.

Definitely one of my favorite movies.   Here’s the opening scene:

And here’s one of my favorite scenes

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