Home Sweet Home

Man I have been such a complaining whining yuck today. I am super overtired from my #$@#$#$@ yet beloved left shoulder waking me up. I saw an orthopedist this morning and I definitely have early phase arthritis and some bone spurs evident in X-ray. I am mourning the definitive passing of youth (turning 47 in 1 month and 1 day) but mostly really overtired.

My dear husband was willing to take some yoga shots in the garden. That woke me up, for awhile anyways. Here are the highlights.

And I’m going to do my best to stop bitching about arthritis. I know I’m really lucky to have the suit that I have.

Namaste, most sincerely.

Timestamp of snap: 1:00.7 Timestamp of snap: 0:29.4 Timestamp of snap: 0:14.3 Timestamp of snap: 0:09.1

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