Sleep! Anniversary! This will be a good day!

Namaste world. I slept last night after two particularly bad nights sleep and I feel like a different person.  I would love to take Sebastien’s  Power class at 6:15 a.m. but I do need to get to IDRI asap.  Much to do today.

wedding picture

My husband and I are celebrating our anniversary today. Well, we both work today so we are postponing the actual celebration until Saturday. I am so grateful that this amazing man puts up with me. I love him so very much.

Here’s a few pictures taken in my IDRI yoga “studio”. It is a funny space – Porch’s deconstructed office space. Powerstrips dangle everywhere, we are always bumping into them. But I am rather fond of it. It has a very Zen atmosphere and windows that overlook lots of trees (and a peek of I-5)

How I wish I could teach yoga all day.

IMG_4746Timestamp of snap: 1:05.3Timestamp of snap: 0:17.5Timestamp of snap: 0:12.4

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