Photos from the Inversion Clinic Yesterday

I really enjoyed myself at The Ashram’s Inversion clinic. Krist, Rayne, and Davin broke it apart into segments of headstand, forearm balance, and handstand. I learned and re-learned a lot and really enjoyed their demonstrations. They are gifted yogis and wonderful people in general.

Here are some pictures I took yesterday…..the first few aren’t inversions, I was just messing around getting ready for IG challenges.  Namaste. 🙂

wheel – heart opener
practicing pose #1 of the #backbendsgone wild IG challenge starting aug 1
this one is in the #shesgotlegs IG challenge
This pose reminds me to lose a few pounds 🙁
Shannon is so fun to practice with 🙂
love the big room
and the mural always lures me 🙂

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