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well, I woke up wanting to listen to a little Cake: Here is my choice for the day. I could use a blank check, Jesus. I promise I’d spend it wisely. So here is a little ditty to listen to if you care to read any further……

Backbends are big time on the mind with the Aug 1 start of #backbendsgonewild.  And they are feeling good!

In the lovely large studio at The Ashram
Backbends are so expansive 🙂

I’m going to the 6:15 a.m. Power Class this morning (Davin). I love his Monday morning class, it is nice to have the first thing you do on a Monday be inspiring and purifying. I’m going to be sore from Gary’s excellent class yesterday – he was really picky, which was great, I got into mighty deep Warrior II’s, which very quickly tired me out. I clearly need to focus on developing some strength, my hypermobility is getting me into trouble.


Me and Shannon post inversion clinic. She is so strong and balanced, super fun to practice with her.

Still super happy about the weekend’s inversion clinic. I was so happy that I worked up the courage to do some front walkovers. They were pretty good, too! I sure wish that I had one on video – that is on my bucket list for sure. Actually a back walkover is on the list but I haven’t worked up the courage for that, yet. 🙂

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