Day 3 of Instagram Challenges

Good heavens I’m having so much fun with these Challenges. But so hard to pick the final choices. Here is what I’ve submitted. Special thanks to the day’s photographer – my dear husband Harlan.  🙂


Timestamp of snap: 0:51.2IMG_4846


Timestamp of snap: 0:08.8IMG_4779

It is shaping up to be a gorgeous day.  We took the “kids” to 132nd square park this morning – nice and early – and took a few shots at the Reflexology Park:

Timestamp of snap: 0:11.1
I experience fear doing single leg poses with elevation, even just a few inches…. Note cute Romeo butt photobomb
The rocks I’m standing on REALLY FLIPPIN’ HURT! Ah, I love this little path. Super invigorating 🙂

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