Day 6 Instagram Challenge

Just submitted pictures to Instagram.  Whew.  It is so hard to choose  – now I can Let It Go .

Had a very nice time getting the janu sirsansa variation while hanging out with my son. Without him I wouldn’t have discovered the fun of blogging, for certain. I love him 🙂

#backbendsgonewild – this isn’t the picture I chose, but it was seal pose and this is the one I almost picked.


I will have to post my #shesgotlegslater.

Had a ton of fun yesterday afternoon taking  yoga shots in a roadbike path under I-5 yesterday.  Very cool hearing all the traffic above our heads.  Lots of interesting spots to do yoga…

Timestamp of snap: 0:08.4Timestamp of snap: 0:06.6Timestamp of snap: 0:04.2IMG_5258Namaste!  I’m teaching yoga this morning – it is time to shower and head to IDRI.  Life is good, determined to have a beautiful day.


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