Day 9 of August Instagram Challenges

Ok, I am really excited by my #backbendsgonewild choice of the day. I was hope hope hoping that I’d be able to touch my head with my toes. I was pretty close the other day when I wasn’t warmed up, I figured I stood a chance after class. Thank you Davin and Shannon for making this shot possible. You KNOW I needed you both for it.

#backbendsgonewild  – There is a final posture tomorrow for #backbendsgonewild.  He’s not telling us what it is and I am DYING of curiosity…..  I will be sad for this challenge to end, I have REALLLLLLLY enjoyed it

IMG_4846Timestamp of snap: 0:24.6

#shesgotlegs is really going to start getting difficult soon….. I am worried about Day 29 in particular, but we’ll see if I can pull it off in a creative fashion.

IMG_4779Timestamp of snap: 0:06.7


Editing today’s progress in The Challenges….


Keeping the faith…


and loving my new groovy pants from Liquidoactive. Jerry Garcia would approve, methinks.

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