Day 10 final pose of #backbendsgonewild

I thrashed all day wanting to get the “perfect shot” sans photographer. I was given free reign to do any backbend I wanted. Ohhhhh the wonderful agony of picking something. But the Basenjis don’t have opposable thumbs.

Luckily I found humans at The Ashram willing to help me out.  Here it is….drumroll 🙂

I’ve been dying to post, but just got home from a beautiful Yin Class. Damn I love teaching Yin……


Levitating Claudia.

and a few other shots that I considered…..

Timestamp of snap: 0:45.0

OOOOOO to touch my heels….

Timestamp of snap: 0:00.6

early morning attempt

Timestamp of snap: 0:11.8

Wearing my new BetaBrand Yoga Work pants


Urdva Dhanurasana


In the big studio at The Ashram


Wheel DropBack

one legged wheel

One-legged wheel variation

I’ve been getting a lot of comments on being a gumby. Yep, it is true.  But maybe I’m  actually a rubberband girl….I leave you with this…..


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