Day 13 of #shesgotlegs

These photos were taken last night in our backyard. I love it back here, lots of bamboo to gaze at. The garden needs a lot of work but I still regard it as a lovely refuge. It has been a hot summer here – I have loved it – but I found it hard to garden in the heat.

I’m teaching a yoga class at IDRI this morning. It’s raining this morning after a long dry spell, which essentially ensures that the morning commute will SUCK SUCK SUCK. I’m not too worried for me personally – I’ll be heading out heli-early as usual. But my class might be small, people might have trouble making it. But even if no one shows, I’ll spend an hour on yoga, then go about my day.

Here’s my pictures for the day.  Maybe I’ll have more later, ya never know.  

Peace! Love! Rock and Roll!

Timestamp of snap: 0:08.2

I didn’t pick this one, but I like it a lot….

Timestamp of snap: 0:07.3

The shot I submitted…..


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