I hope your week hasn’t seemed as long as mine has.  I really do.  I am so grateful that I have my yoga practice, family, and friends to sustain me through the work week.  So many issues to contemplate.  So I am grateful, I really am.  And I send you the deepest wishes for peace and happiness each and every day.


My August Instagram Challenges have been such a positive experience.  I really don’t expect to win anything, but I am making a fun mini-scrapbooks documenting it all.  I can go all blank about what poses to do – and these challenges provide some structure and yet so much freedom to self-express.  So August Happiness Project has succeeded on that front, for sure.

I am pretty stoked about the following picture.  It may be my Aug 29th submission for #shesgotlegs – unless I can come up with something better. I am pleased that I’ve managed to pull this one off with a smile for a change.  I still have to pop out of it pretty quick, it is a fairly claustrophobic pose for me at the moment.  But for a brief moment the camera captured true bliss. 


Thank you Owen for taking the shot.

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