Day 19 of #shesgotlegs IG challenge

Ok, super frustrated with IG today. Sometimes when I open my shots in IG, they zoom in too much cutting off the outer margins of the photo.  This is killing me – I have some really pretty shots of straddle stretch and my feet are getting cut off. That is sort of a pet peeve of mine – when the whole body isn’t shown in a photo. I ran into the same problem yesterday but was too busy so I just posted one I really liked and tried to ignore the cut off foot issue (but it bugged the shit out of me).  I will probably have to do a different straddle stretch picture. 

So here are the shots I was going to pick from. 



I really like these and wish I could use one!  Harlan was my photographer – as he often is- and I’ve come to enjoy that time we spend together a great deal.  (Not sure if he feels the same 🙂  ).  

It is the last Tuesday I’ll ever be 46.  I turn 47 on Saturday. Very mixed feelings about it – while I am grateful to be alive, and I want to roam the planet for many more years, I’m having a bit of trouble getting frighteningly close to 50.  How can that be? 

I’ll try not to bitch too much.

Have a great day.



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