Ruminating about teaching Yang and Power this week.  What a whirlwind of yoga teaching challenges.  🙂  I loved every minute of it, but at the moment I’m thinking about all the things I wish I’d done differently.  I want to give the students the perfect experience, but I must remember that takes practice.  I’m sure wishing that I had pursued teaching yoga seriously, years ago.  I would be in a far better place now if I had.  I have a huge issue with public speaking that limits me in what I take on publicly.  I blame it on giving scientific presentations.  The yoga room is a welcoming, positive environment.  But I’ve been in far too many scientific presentation situations and they can be far from friendly, and I think it gave me a mild case of PTSD when it comes to public speaking.  Teaching Yin has brought me a long way towards being comfortable speaking in public.  

I’ve been practicing yoga since 2000 and have logged thousands of classes in that time.  I have a strong practice and have a lot to share with the world.  But I also have enormous respect for my teachers and feel I am an insignificant grasshopper and shy away from the teacher platform.  Yet teaching yoga is what makes my heart sing, I am quite certain it is my dharma to do just that.  Time to pull on my big girl panties (as my sister says) and rock whatever class I’m lucky enough to lead, come hell or high water. 

Thanks Universe, for helping me figure this out.


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