Day 31 (and final) of #shesgotlegs

(Still happy as hell about my #backbendsonewild win of yesterday)  

I already posted my options for camel yesterday but in the end I decided to choose my full expression of the pose even though I clearly need to work in it – my hips should be further forward, allowing me to clasp higher up.  I will add it to the daily must do list!


and so ends my first full month IG Challenge.  I want to do these two next but recognize I should probably limit myself to one!!!


Harlan and I will be in Albuquerque Sept 16-22 so I will have lots of time to indulge in yoga photography.  We incidentally plan on moving to ABQ when Fisher graduates from high school.  Harlan has a continuing medical education course he’s taking and I’m just going along for the ride.  I hope to be brave and find some potential yoga studios to call my new home.  It will be VERY difficult to leave The Ashram. That is the only thing that really makes me sad about a move to ABQ.  

I end with a best of clip of The Big Lebowski.  Certainly not meant for kids, sorry.  They do capture some good moments, but MAN that is a *MUST SEE* movie if you haven’t recently.  

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