Well, I have been up on the hour since 1 a.m. for a variety of reasons; the primary reason is stress, the second is my (beloved) left shoulder. GRRRR!  Oh well, I can sleep some other day I guess.  

I will have to meditate at some point as I teach Yin tonight and don’t want to be brain dead.  I’m rather crabby about yet another crappy night’s sleep, my body is pretty stressed at this point.  Struggling to see all the good in my life at the moment!   I recognize I’m being a tad melodramatic, there are worse things that can befall a person than insomnia, for certain.  

So, on a happier note, here are my IG challenge shots for the day, thanks to Susantha and Harlan.  I won’t have time to take a class today, unfortunately but I hope to pepper my day with asana.  I want to re-attempt making a short 1 minute video in the lab – wearing the Betabrand Work Pants for their testimonial challenge.  Yesterday’s attempt was of limited success, I think I can do way better!  


and IMG_5942mermaidyogis.jpg

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