DAY 8 – #mermaidyogis challenge

Took this chair pose before class this morning (Thanks photographer Davin).  Chair pose isn’t one of my favorites – it really heats up the quads fast and I tend to resist the burn.  But I recognize it as an important pose and very good for the body.  So thanks hosts and sponsors for inspiring me to take this shot.  I felt energized afterwards, as always.  

photo (5)mermaidyogis.jpg

3 thoughts on “DAY 8 – #mermaidyogis challenge

    1. Did I reply to your comment? I thought I did but now I’m not so sure. Chair is indeed a challenging pose. One my instructors is notorious for keeping us in the longest chair poses and my quads will just start quaking. Aiiii! I need to learn to really challenge students in it too – watch out Friday Power Yoga Class students 🙂

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