Day 10 of September IG challenges :)

Top of the morning to you (it is 4:30 a.m. atm).  I send you Irish blessings.

I am falling behind in my challenges – last month I took shots a few days early but this month i’ve been taking it day by day.  I think I prefer shooting early.  Next week we’ll be in Albuquerque, where I bet I will take a lot of yoga footage. I cannot wait to go on vacation, I’m pretty burned out. I am excited to do some yoga photography catch-up in an unfamiliar backdrop.  I love traveling with Harlan.  I am excited to see my future city.

Here is the shot for #mermaidyogis


and here is Eagle for #balancebasics 🙂

eagle 2IMG_5699

Really looking forward to 7:15 class at IDRI (my morning body class).   I am going to run thru the Power Sequence with them – in a slightly reduced format.  I don’t want to get my students sweaty right before work so we do a lot of stretch.  

Freaking out about Power on Friday- but in a really good way  🙂    I’m researching poses, thinking a lot about the sequence.  It will be the highlight of my week I’m sure.  

Okay, over and out.  

Timestamp of snap: 0:12.8

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