Off to Albuquerque

Well, today is the big day – to see our future city.  We need to drop off the beloved Romeo and Zena (who I’m going to miss terribly) in the Portland area.  There aren’t direct flights to ABQ from PDX so we’ll be doing the PDX to LAX to ABQ, meaning we have a really long day ahead….

Here are the shots for the day.  Actually, I’m probably going to try for a different side plank – as my shoulder/wrist alignment sucks big time in this one.  Gary would not be impressed I’m guessing.

I might use this one, but I sure would like an advanced variation to submit
Alignment is TERRIBLE. My critics would say no wonder I have shoulder pains. Bah!


#mermaidyogis – I’m at peace with this shot.  Haven’t been practicing enough handstands, it took a few tries to land it – therefore I am going to make them more of a priority in my personal practice  🙂


So. off I go to finish packing.  Will post to website but probably mostly to IG I’m guessing.  Find me there 🙂  Have a great day!

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