Bill Withers rocks (ABQ pictures)

I am listening to Bill’s wisdom as I sort through my ABQ pictures.  It’s best I do so asap, my life might become consumed with #letsgetflexy.  I haven’t listened to music all week, I didn’t want to bring my beloved headphones on a trip, they are too precious.

Here’s the ABQ shots

IMG_6228 IMG_6230 IMG_6234 IMG_6235 IMG_6239 IMG_6250 IMG_6252 IMG_6253 IMG_6256 IMG_6258 IMG_6262 IMG_6273 IMG_6275 IMG_6276 IMG_6279 IMG_6281 IMG_6285 IMG_6311 IMG_6320 IMG_6323 IMG_6336 IMG_6337 There are more but that is probably more than enough.

I spent some time reading other people’s blogs on the trip.  Man, there are some very creative sites and some really fucking funny ones. I can’t compete man, I can’t compete with that.  I’ll try and learn from them but I am so technologically challenged it isn’t even funny.

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