SchoolHouse Rocks Too (Day 22 IG Photos)

I have gotten quite a bit done today but now the Basenjis have talked me into sitting down on the sofa for a few… So here are my shots of the day. I think a little music is in order.  Sticking with the earlier theme of the Day (Bill Withers Rocks).  Schoolhouse Rocks Rocks Too.   I love them all, but I’m partial to daydreaming and the number 8.  So, enjoy.  🙂

The Pose for #balancebasics is Warrior II.  A very intense, powerful, difficult pose. I haven’t practiced WII in earnest for a week, it made my hands shake.  Wow, what a hip opener to boot!

IMG_6358 IMG_5699

and #mermaidyogis 🙂 – a standing straddle variation – taken after class.  Felt so good being back in the big studio. I have missed its energy so much.


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