Hump Day :)

It is Wed the  24th and I haven’t taken my IG challenge pictures yet.  But hey, I am listening to one of the best songs ever …..(turns out this particular link is just a teaser for the song.

I am teaching yoga at IDRI this morning, I’ll beg someone to take the shots


I am excited to be teaching today (tomorrow, Friday as well).  I really missed teaching while in ABQ. I sure hope that I can line up teaching down in ABQ, as soon as I find “My Studio”

Tamaya Resort, Albuquerque

I managed to sleep better last night, but I’m still obsessing about this ABQ move. The weather in Seattle is pretty icky – the continual rain – and I find myself wondering about what ABQ is like, betting the weather is pretty much amazing.  Aiiiii!  This move is too exciting.  I hope that I can calm down a little, I am getting insufficient sleep while my brain processes this all.

Thank heavens for the restorative powers of meditation.  Which I should be doing right now.  Laters.

wonder womanmeditation.jpg

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