Needing a little Cure

Happy Saturday morning to you. 🙂  I am sooooo happy that I don’t have to think about science today. I am trying to edit a chapter of a book and I need a break from it.  Haven’t seriously practiced on my mat since Monday, just little bits each day, enough to keep me sane.  I’ve been a tad bit jealous of my students, in fact!  But this morning I’ll take Yang and purge the toxins that have accumulated this crazy week.  It went by so incredibly fast.

In the mood for a little 80s music as I sip my coffee.  The Cure comes to mind….

Looking forward to taking my IG shots at the studio today.  Just 4 more days for these challenges.  This month really has flown by.  I think next month I’ll stick to a single challenge (or so I say now, they are very tempting, these challenges). I have a new iPHONE 6 on order – so I hope to get that sometime in October and maybe the resolution will be noticeably better than my 4S. I want to rock #letsgetflexy 🙂


On that note, tIme to meditate. Have a big day to get centered for.  Namaste.


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