My husband has invited me to brunch this morning at Cafe Flora.  I am quite pleased!  This is about perfect – I will go to Gary’s 3 p.m. Power class / Teach Yin at 4:30.  I have to carefully pick eating times if I want to be comfortable during asana practice.

Trying to make myself meditate at the moment but decided to pick up the computer instead for 20 minutes.  Facebooking instead of meditating…… Sheesh.  Anyways, just watched the coolest video of a woman making bubbles.  I wanted to find the link, it was really cool but I’m coming up empty handed.  In my search I came across this.  The music in the other video was soothing, beautiful.  But hey, this is pretty amusing. I don’t know much about Lady Gaga’s music, but I like her fashion sense a lot  This music doesn’t do a lot for me….

Yoga shots later today.

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