Monday, Monday

4 a.m. Monday morning.  I dreamt a whole lot about teaching yoga last night.  (I don’t typically recall dreams)  I was teaching at an unfamiliar studio. I had gotten a lot better and I liked the students a lot  While it was a happy dream,  it was also confusing.  I knew that it wasn’t my studio and people were doing crazy wild yoga poses.  I guess I sort of knew it was a dream at times. It is difficult to convey the strangeness of some dreams I suppose.

I’m going to Davin’s Power class at 6:15, then off to IDRI. I am decreasing my work hours to 0.8 FTE effective today and I am relieved. I hope that the extra time translates to more time to get on my yoga mat.  Get my life in order.  I have an incredible lot of stuff that I should give away….

80s blast from the past.

I’m quite pleased with yesterday’s balance basic picture. I’m learning some tricks on my Pic Stitch app.  I’ll shoot today’s poses hopefully before class this morming.  Better start hydrating 🙂



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