Day 29 of IG challenges.

So glad I took time for class this morning.  It is the right way to stat the week.  Davin led a great class, some interesting sequencing.  I felt stronger than I did yesterday, that is for sure.

I had better really ramp up my practice if I’m lucky enough to audit the teacher training course (not sure if there is room for me at this point).  I really hope that I get to.  It will be a huge time commitment but I know my teaching style for Power Yoga would benefit a great deal. I want to be a stellar Power teacher asap!

September challenges are drawing to a close.  I sure look forward to taking the daily shot.  I’m definitely going to try #letsgetflexy 🙂

day 29 for #balancebasics


Handstand variation for Day 29


I like the angle, but I didn’t choose this one.


and for #mermaidyogis

MY Day29v2

I didn’t submit this one, but I’m proud I pulled it off in my boots 🙂

MY Day 29 1

Here it is. Taken in my little “yoga studio” at IDRI. I live in fear that this room gets leased out. That would be the end of yoga at IDRI…


I'd love to hear what you think :)

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