Day 6 – Dhanurasana

Happy Monday morning to you.  I’m starting mine out right with Davin’s Power class.  Even though I’m so sore from this weekend’s workouts that I’ll want to cry (ok, a little melodramatic).   This will be my 4th consecutive day of practicing at The Ashram, officially, on my mat.  My attendance has been very spotty of late, so this is a really GOOD thing.  I MUST practice a lot with teacher training looming, it will be a LOT of asana.  A LOT.  I recall I got in the best shape EVER during teacher training and I’m sure hoping that will be the case again.  🙂  I need it!!!

Here we go – floor bow.  Such a beautiful pose.  It is part of the Power and Yin sequences, such a great spine strengthener and heart opener.

IMG_6341IMG_6567 IMG_6569 IMG_6568

Today I need to finish a chapter of a methods book and turn it in.  I need my practice this morning to fully activate my brain in order to pull this off.  I am not going to panic about it.  Nope. I’m going to think about the chapter after I safely drive to IDRI.  That is when that becomes relevant.  Not now, not before my Power class.  (I am trying to convince myself).

Have a great day, Namaste


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