Prasarita padottanasana – #letsgetflexy Day 7

Here we go, taken outside of The Ashram the other morning.


Standing Wide-Legged Forward Bend Pose has several benefits:

  • Stretches the groins, hamstrings and hips
  • Calming
  • Decompresses and elongates the spine
  • Relieves fatigue, anxiety and mild depression

I turned in the chapter yesterday (hooray!!) and so today I might actually go into the lab.  I can get really immersed in there, so much more engrossing than scientific reading/writing.  I have a backlog of experiments and am fairly stressed about it.  But rather than thrash, I’m just going to start chipping away at them.  So I anticipate several hours, maybe even two trips to the BL3 today.  But at 3:30 p.m. I will leave and return home to my family.  Will work on some house issues and watch the latest episode of Sleepy Hollow.  I don’t watch many shows but I LOVE THAT SHOW (Supernatural, Chopped, GRIMM also jump to mind).

Go SEAHAWKS!  Damn though, last night’s game was a bit of a nail-biter for me.  I would have been sad to lose to the Redskins.  Whew….

I’ve posted this one before, but I’m in the mood to watch it again.  Maybe dance along, but I really ought to meditate.  Taking Ali’s class at 6:15 a..m.  Namaste!

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I am a licensed Physical Therapist Assistant and Yoga Instructor in Rio Rancho New Mexico. My family consists of 1 Husband, 2 Kids (grown), and 3 Basenjis (spoiled).

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