Day 9 of #letsgetflexy – Wheel Pose


The pose of the day for #letsgetflexy is Urdhva Dhanurasana/Wheel. It is an advanced pose with a myriad of health benefits – here is a partial list designed to sell you on how cool it is. I love backbending and feel extreme gratitude for my very flexible spine.

Spine strengthening and lengthening. Creates space in the spine

  • Super overall toning pose and incredible wrist strengthening.
  • Wheel enhances the nervous system and balances out hormones.
  • Great hip opener
  • Wheel pose is a heart opening backbend. Old fears can arise, breathe through it. You don’t want those feelings trapped inside J. Breathe breathe breathe J J J
  • Bridge pose is a great preparatory posture if you aren’t quite up to wheel. Use extreme caution if you’ve suffered a back injury or have carpal tunnel (like consult doctor about it)

I'd love to hear what you think :)

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