Day 14 of #letsgetflexy

Here is the video used to get the still image for today’s challenge.  I posted it yesterday but I include it again….

and here is the still.  I think it’s sorta fun to see what led up to a particular shot.


I’m taking Ali’s Power class this morning.  I’m pleased that I’m getting my ass to class a little bit more now 🙂  I’m highly motivated by teaching Power on Friday, I learn a lot from my fellow instructors about cues and timing and whatnot.  Ali is exceptional so I’m looking forward to it.

I want to develop a yoga class “Powerful Stretch” that is about 20 minutes of intense warmup – vinyasa style followed by 40 minutes of intense stretches – really hip intensive but full body gets a good stretch.  Ever changing sequences to keep it spicy.  A couple cool seated Yang poses – like elephant and lotus and sundial.  I have to have a style to take to ABQ…. But I fully intend on rocking Power classes at The Ashram until April.  🙂  I love the Power sequence a great deal. It is extremely effective and logical….. Dang I will have to visit Seattle often – for my son and for The Ashram.

IMG_6713 IMG_6692

New iPHONE6 has shipped – I can’t wait to get a better camera 🙂
Off to meditate.  Have a fantastic day. Take some time to stretch; your body deserves a few minutes of your full attention. It matters.  🙂

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