Day #22 of #letsgetflexy

Hooray it is Wed – which means i am teaching Yoga at IDRI… But maybe this is the last time; the space we use has finally been rented out.  I’m not sure of their renovation timeline.  Oh well, it was tons of fun while it lasted. I have learned so much in the process.  And the students have become so strong. I am ever so pleased with their progress.

Relentless rain outside. Glad I’m inside sipping coffee in the comfort of my meditation space.  Will start getting ready for work in 15 minutes.  Steeling myself for a rough commute, wanna hit the road by 5:30 today.

Ok, here is the picture of the day. One from The Ashram’s big studio (above) and IDRI “Yoga studio” (below). I love the duality of the rooms.  I love the big studio so much.  I find the colors so soothing,  Teaching under fluorescent lighting in IDRI’s space has been an interesting challenge.  No way to turn off those dang lights.  But we have fun nonetheless.


and a couple #stopdropandyoga photos that I’m exceptionally pleased with.  Timed selfies, they are an extra challenge

IMG_6855 IMG_6856 IMG_6857

Gosh I can’t wait for my iPHONE6 to arrive.  I am stoked about the camera improvements, really wonder if I’ll see an observable difference… 🙂  Have  a great day. 🙂

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