The Ashram Teacher Training Program starts tonight!

I’ve already completed the training but I am auditing it.  I am ever so excited – this was a fantastic experience the first go around.  I really struggled with public speaking fears in round 1; having taught now for almost two years I’ve gotten past that to a large extent.  But I know I’ll be a better Power Instructor with additional training. So I will be blogging a lot about my experience and I imagine it will be most transformative.

Here is the #letsgetflexy pose of the day -Deaf Man’s Pose


My iPHONE6 has arrived – now I just have to find the time to make the data transfer.  I’m not sure if my photos will transfer – and I’ve pretty much gotten my shots for the rest of #letsgetflexy and I don’t want to lose them!!!  Looks like I’ll be making a trip to the Apple Store to see if it is possible. I  am low tech, I would rather work with a person than call a help line 🙂

I found this yoga synopsis on IG. I  wholeheartedly agree, the benefits are countless. Still it is fun to try to…


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