Day 29 of #letsgetflexy

Happy Wednesday!  I’m hankering for a little music this morning…..  Let’s go to youtube and find something fun.  Ah, Ottmar Liebert, so soothing.  I used to listen to him a lot lot.  I have a lot of his music, highly recommend. 🙂

Pose of the day


Gratitude list:

1) my shoulder didn’t bother me last night so I am relatively rested 🙂

2) Fisher is coming over tonight

3) I am teaching my IDRI yoga class this morning – yay!

4) ABQ house closing has been set for Nov 6th.  WOW, we will have keys to our new home in a week!  This is getting real.

That’s about it man. I need to meditate now and get my groove on so I can zip to Seattle for the day.  I have an appointment at the Apple Store this afternoon to get some computing assist.  I like going there, it is fun to learn a new trick or two.  🙂  Have a beautiful day!

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