Wheel Pose – Day 13 of #healinghearts

Coffee still hasn’t kicked in but if I don’t post now, it might not happen.  BIG day ahead.  I’m starting with Sebastien’s Power Class at 6:15 a.m. then off to IDRI til 3:30.  Race home and be with dogs for a few hours then teach Yin tonight. It should be a great day 🙂

I’m really liking #healinghearts.


Here is my king Pigeon tribute to the Wounded Warrior Project yesterday. I wonder how much money they raised…..


My IDRI yoga students presented me with a very generous Grand Central gift card yesterday and I am very touched!  I enjoy teaching them immensely although I sure wish we could teleport to The Ashram – especially yesterday because we are having a cold snap.

Just gotta share a little Earth, Wind, and Fire.  That’s the way of the world is in my top ten list of favorite songs.  It is calming me.  I’ve got to leave it here for now.   It is time to meditate!  Have a beautiful day 🙂

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