Ashram Teacher Training Weekend

I missed week 2 while I was in ABQ, glad that I’m around for this one.  The weekend kicked off with Davin’s Power class at 5 followed by Kriya led by Gary.  Kriya is essentially breathwork – you sit with your eyes closed and breathe in different patterns, sometimes using arm movements.  At points you breathe as fast as you can, at other times the group gets quite primal in releasing pent up energy.  I think class went about an 1.5 hours, but you get totally lost time-wise during a kriya.  Savasana post Kriya is always intense – I totally lost track of myself during savasana, I was completely checked out.  Slept hard last night, still feeling the vibe this morning.

Monica (the other Yin teacher) and myself are going to teach the trainees about Yin Yoga today.  So I really need to study up this morning – I’m going to peruse my beloved Yin book by Bernie Clark right now.  I am really excited to present the Yin sequence – although a certain boss that I admire greatly will be observing (so a little nerve wracking).

Here is the #healinghearts IG challenge post for the day:


On that note, I’m off to prepare for class.  I’m sure I will learn and laugh a lot today.  Namaste 🙂

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