Ashram Teacher training weekend III, continued

Man!  Yesterday was a great day.  I wish I could journal/blog about it properly right now.  But I’ve got to walk the dogs, attend to a #stopdropandyoga tag (which I’ve just photographed, it was amazing mini personal practice).

Here is day 16 of #healinghearts, taken Friday before the 5 p.m Power Class.  I wasn’t warmed up, but I wanted the shot.  I can be stubborn.  My hamsting felt about 2 inches shorter after I did it, it was not the wisest time to get the shot.  :).  I highly recommend this pose, when you are adequately warmed up.


Here is a little gallery of shots I just did in Russell Wilson’s honor.  Go Seahawks!

One last shot before I amscray – my beloved Seahawks hat created by my amazing sister Kelly.  Unfortunately Romeo ate the pompom, I need to beg her for a new pompom.

Have a great day.  GO HAWKS!


Thank you KeeKee 🙂

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