#healinghearts on a Monday Monday

Hope your weekend was as fantastic as mine.  The Teacher Training Weekend III was full of information and fun.  Monica and I taught the Yin sequence in tandem on Saturday, and that was a GREAT experience.  I’m looking forward to getting feedback about it.  Then yesterday was Yang posture clinic, kid yoga, and then I taught my 4:30 Yin.  And I got a few cool shots:


Here is todays #healinghearts


YIN CLASS contemplation…..

32 beautiful souls gathered to stretch and strengthen, including a pre-teen and an 80 year old (who I think is the coolest).  I am most grateful to lead class.  Always.  Especially now – April will come soon – and I won’t be able to teach at The Ashram (or practice).  That is hard to wrap my head around, honestly.  I want to re-read my Bernie Clark book, there is so much to be learned.  And remind myself that I’ll be visiting often.

Playing with lotus handstand. No way would I try this without a wall. No way. 🙂

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