Freaking out

I have to deliver a presentation at IDRI tomorrow and meet with my boss. I sure wish I had taken more time to prepare, it won’t be my best I imagine. Can’t work late – Fisher is coming over tonight 🙂  I should definitely find a conference room today and practice aloud.  Yeah, I am pretty nervous about tomorrow. I hope The Universal Vibration is on my side tomorrow.

I also need to study Sanksrit for this coming teacher training weekend #4. And compose a paragraph about how I work yoga into my everyday life – for The Ashram’s Facebook Site. I have writer’s block 🙁

Anyways, those are my issues for the day.  Here is my #healinghearts shot of the day:


For fun, I took a few shots in the big studio when I first got to work yesteryday.  The big room felt so deliciously warm on a cold cold morning.


wordpress is starting to irritate me so I will leave it there for now.  I want to meditate before I shower and get ready for my day. I am teaching yoga at IDRI this morning, always a fun time.  I am grateful I can use the 5th floor through the end of the year.


wearing Naomi's tiara, of course :)
wearing Naomi’s tiara, of course 🙂

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