Teacher Training Weekend 4

I am looking forward to a very full weekend at The Ashram.  The students must teach each other the Power Sequence in sanskrit.  I ought to be brushing up, right now….. I am frustrated that I can’t find my notes from last weekend.  I feel very disorganized and that BUMMMMMMS me out.  Luckily I can get what I need from an internet search, which I will embark upon after I meditate.

Here is #healinghearts Day 22 shot. I am pretty pleased with it.


It was taken in a video clip by the way.  I love Natarajasana ordinarily but my hamstrings are a little funked up right now so I fatigue quickly.  Need to practice more I suppose, I certainly need to build up some strength.

Here is a couple more shots I took.  Damn I love the Big Studio.  Gonna miss The Ashram so much when I move.  I am pretty sad 🙁

IMG_7402 IMG_7403 IMG_7405 IMG_7407

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