Teacher Training Weekend 4

Yesterday’s Pose for #healinghearts. Still have to shoot today’s pose

Yesterday was a great day – took Gary’s class at 10 a.m. to start things out right.  Then all afternoon the students taught each other the Power Sequence in Sanskrit.  I observed and helped call out names of poses when they forgot.  It is challenging enough to remember the sequence when you are starting out, let alone in Sanskrit, so I think they did a GREAT job.  They all sure looked physically spent at the end of the day. I didn’t join in as I needed to rest my shoulders, which are feeling mildly arthritic.  Getting old blows. 🙁

That being said, this girl still has a few tricks up her sleeve.  Davin had this fantastic idea, and with assistance getting into it we were able to hold it for a few seconds before I bailed out. I really had the sensation of falling on my head.  Funny I can hold this on a wall for minutes.  We agreed we will have to play around with this more.  🙂

Duo Yoga is soooo much fun. 🙂

I found a challenge for December!!!


Can’t believe the holidays are nearly upon us.  Time seems to be passing so quickly (although I am counting down the time to when I can hang up my lab coat and bunny suit for good!).  I get fairly overwhelmed when I look around the house – so much to do here in order to relocate.  Wow, this is going to be crazy.  I am also still very emotional about The Ashram.  I am pretty torn when it comes to the studio.

sure won’t miss this get up.

Ok, another big day ahead at The Ashram.  TT from 9-3, Gary’s class to take Yin to teach at 4:30.  Hang out with Harlan after that (we made an agreement, I haven’t been around hardly at all this weekend). In other words, this should be a great day.  But now it is time to meditate, align myself to enjoy the day to its fullest.  I know I’ll be meditating with the group twice but a personal meditation is important, too.


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