Happy Almost Thanksgiving :)

Hooray, just one more workday!  I am so glad – I haven’t been sleeping well this week.  Yesterday I had a pretty bad headache but thankfully it went away overnight.  I’m teaching yoga at IDRI this morning – my favorite time of the work week.  I think it should be a good day.  🙂

Here is the shot of the day for #healinghearts IG challenge


Yesterday I flaked out on the pose of the day. Here is Gomukasana, the true pose for yesterday


Time to meditate I guess. And prepare for class.  There are only a few more left – we have the “studio” space for just a few more weeks.  Then the new tenants are moving in.  It’s been fun, I have learned a lot, and I will miss teaching there.  It will mean I can start taking class myself on Wednesdays –  that part will be cool.  Trying to get all The Ashram time that I can get.  🙂

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