Happy Black Friday

Which I don’t plan on celebrating.  Well, maybe I’ll do some online shopping at some point, but no shopping mall trips today.  I have had my fill of cars and people driving around Seattle the past few days.

Ok, so we went to Thanksgiving dinner hosted by members of Harlan’s Satsang.  I did not know the hosts, had no preconceptions about who they might be, nada, just went there in this outfit

Stretching before party at strangers house. I am shy, I needed a moment to relax


It turned out to be an Indian family hosting – and it was a huge party.  I was the only white girl there, it was an interesting experience to be so. The women were dressed in beautiful colorful saris, I have no idea if what I innocently wore was offensive in some way.  I will certainly confer with Shruthi on this point when I see her next.  Anyway, the food was DELICIOUS and vegetarian so that was a great treat.  I’m glad we went.


Afterwards we came home, changed into jammmies and curled up on the couch to watch Seattle beat the 49ers. I’m thrilled we won and all and I wasn’t worrying too much in the 4th quarter, don’t get me wrong,  But HOLY HELL the number of penalties was maddening.  It gets a certain husband very frustrated and I don’t blame him. My understanding of football is basic so I should leave it there.  But “holding” seems pretty clear to me and I think the players should get it, too.  Anyways, it was cozy lounging.  I am thankful for so much in my life.

It seems a little crazy to think that this time next year we will be in ABQ.  That thought made me quite nostalgic yesterday when I was at The Ashram….

No #healinghearts picture to post yet. I  need to warm up before I take on Easy Bird of Paradise.  I never like how I look in Easy Bird.  So I’m procrastinating.

Here’s a couple from yesterday.  Some will be used in final days of #healinghearts.  Probably…

Time to meditate methinks.  Naomi and Fisher are coming over later today. I’ve got a beautiful hunk of salmon to bake – Naomi is a vegetarian that dabbles in being vegan.  She is currently willing to eat fish, hooray!  I respect veganism a great deal.  But I am a pescatarian at this point in life. I can’t give up sushi, at least not while in the Pacific NW 🙂

Have a great day

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