last day of #healinghearts

I superlove the pose of the day, embryo pose.  A nice alternative to child’s pose – either is amazingly grounding.  I highly recommend it to anyone.  Hang out in it for a couple of minutes, breathing deeply in and out through your nose the entire time.  Become acutely aware of your breath.  Your brain (and your spirit overall) will appreciate this exercise.

Embryo Pose

It would be nicer if I took the shot on some faraway beach at sunset. But I had to make do with my little stretch spot on the landing.

I have really enjoyed the #healinghearts challenge.  Horseface was by far the most challenging pose but there were other postures that I rarely practice and it was fun to revisit. These challenges really give me a creative spark and for the most part I’m not pestering people to be my photographer very much – my superplus iPHONE is much easier to do selfies with.  🙂

Horseface pose

My favorite shots from the contest:

There are lots of interesting December challenges that are really tempting me.  I would probably do 4 of them if I had a lot of free time.  But I’ve got so much to do in December, I think it best that I stick to 1… or maybe 2…. but definitely NOT 3 or 4

I’m pretty sold on #justbepresent


but there is another –


Gotta leave it here for now, I am procrastinating some teacher training homework and I really just gotta DEAL.  It is a superfun exercise, making a non-power yoga sequence. I’m going with a Yin Yang approach for this one.  I’ve got a ton of asana to weave together properly.  I want this to be a rocking sequence that I teach someday – maybe in a cool studio in ABQ 🙂

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