Great Teacher Training Weekend..

I learned a lot this weekend and I couldn’t be more grateful.

Saturday was all about nutrition and hydration (well, Sat started with Gary’s 10 a.m. Power class that I got an asskicking in ).  Dr Dave covered an amazing range of topics and I see a lot of potential for improvement in my intake.  I’m tempted to ask him to take me on as a client.  I HAVE to make some lifestyle changes.  I’m not at all happy with my weight and general stamina right now.  So I’m going to be making some big changes.  Trying to alkalize my body and seriously limit sugar intake will be the first items to tackle.  I also want to figure out what vitamins I should be taking (we didn’t get into that but I thought of it during the lecture).  Incidentally, I never considered that I’d be litmus testing my saliva on a regular basis.  I find that amusing as hell.

Sunday was super fun.  I went there early to do a little stretching, here are some shots I took before the fun began.

IMG_7902 IMG_7903 IMG_7904 IMG_7908 IMG_7909 IMG_7910

The students each wrote a 30 min asana sequence prior – which they taught to myself and two trainees.  They rotated me to the different groups so I got to work with everyone.  Then we needed to critique their sequence and job overall.  As an instructor I was expected to give a true critique and that can be pretty hard.  I don’t think anyone adequately warmed me up for some of the later poses in their sequence – such as doing standing bow without really warming up the spine.  But I was still impressed by everyone’s creativity.  In the afternoon we all did the Power sequence together – and one member of the group was randomly chosen by Gary to lead through the various poses.  It was stressful waiting to be called on, I don’t like teaching in front of him to be honest, he intimidates me :).  I had an hour to relax before I taught Yin at 4:30.  Class was wonderful – 18 lovely souls gathered to honor their bodies and stretch.  Gosh I love that class.

Here’s some pictures I took during my afternoon break

But today is Monday and I have a week of science ahead.  There are some important experiments to analyze and I’m going to plug away on my dratted DNA preps (OMG I hope they worked or I’ll be devestated).  What a pain they are to make.  TB is truly an evil beast.  Someday I *WILL* blog on MTB.  It will be spectacular, lol.  But I have IG challenges that are inspiring me now and they take some time to keep up with. Still haven’t connected with any yogis from ABQ but I sure continue to meet cool yogis around the world.  Fascinating world.

Time to meditate and get ready for 6:15 a.m class.  Davin.  Yay.  🙂

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